What are Billing Groups and how do I use them?

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There may be situations where you will need to categorize or filter Matters for billing purposes where there is no default data fields. In these instances, use Billing Groups to establish custom filters when generating invoices.

How to create Billing Groups

  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down arrow beside your avatar.

  2. Click Billing & Accounting in the menu bar and select Billing Groups from the expanded menu.

  3. To add a new Billing Group, click + and enter in the label you wish to create in the textbox, then select the check box to save it.

After the Billing Group has been created, it can be edited or deleted at any time as long as it is not tied to a Matter. When a Matter is using a Billing Group, it will need to be reassigned or removed in order to allow for deletion.

How to apply a Billing Group to a Matter

Billing Groups can be applied to any Matter. This can be done at the time of creating the Matter or after in the Matter options.

New Matter:

Existing Matter:
 Note: Each matter can only use one Billing Group.                                       

How to filter by Billing Group

When generating invoices from unbilled activity, you will see a filter for Billing Group.
Billing Groups can be labeled any way that you prefer, but one purpose it could serve would be for billing frequency and scheduling. You may have clients that get billed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can create the corresponding Billing Groups and apply those groups to the appropriate matters. When generating invoices from Unbilled Activity, simply filter for the Billing Group you wish to invoice.

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