How do I Pay Multiple Invoices for Different Clients at the Same Time?

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In CARET Legal, you have the ability to pay multiple invoices with a single payment method using our Apply Direct Payment Modal.
If the payment is coming from a third party, and not the Client themselves, you may need to pay invoices for different Matters at the same time.
  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and click + in the action bar or select Apply Direct Payment from the Quick Add menu to display the Apply Payment to Invoices modal.

  2. Under Payer Type select the Non-Client Payee radio button.

    If you select Client, you will only have the option of selecting invoices for Matters where that Contact is the Primary Client. Non-Client Payee gives you the option of choosing any Matter.
  3. After selecting the Matters, you can choose any invoices for those Matters.


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