How do I Write-Off an Invoice?

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There are times when you may bill a client, but you are unable to collect payment for the invoice. You can write-off the remaining balance by removing it from your Accounts Receivable (AR). The amount is added to a separate account called "Bad Debt/Write-Offs." You can view a summary of the total written off in a chosen date range through the Write Off Report.

Applying a Partial Write-off

Firms can now partially write-off unpaid balances, choosing the specific entries they would like to classify as uncollectable. This action can be done prior to receiving payment.

  1. From the Write-off window, click the "Assign Partial Write-off button".

  2. The Assign Write-Off window will open all line items on the invoice which you can write off. Click the checkbox to select the line item for writing off, type in the dollar amount in the text box, then click "Apply Write-Off". 

  3. To review the write-offs that have been applied, go back to the Invoice "Actions" and select "View Write-offs".
  4. This will open the Write-off list where you can remove or delete a previously applied write off by clicking the trash icon.

Writing off the balance of an invoice

In order to write-off the balance of an invoice, you must open the invoice for editing.
  1. Select the Invoice No. under the Invoices & Payments tab in the Accounting section or under the Invoices tab in the Matter details.

  2. Click Actions in the top right corner and select Write-off from the drop-down list.

  3. Click the Write-Off checkbox which displays the remaining balance on the invoice.

    • Use the calendar controls if you wish to change the date in Write Off Date field and add the rationale in the Write Off Reason field before clicking Save.

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