How do I record a Write-Off?

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What do you do when you know that a client is not able to pay an invoice? CARET Legal's Write-off feature enables you to write-off this debt and track it as a loss. You will no longer need to provide a courtesy discount to your client (How Do I Add an Invoice Level Discount?). 
  • Navigate to your Matters and select the Matter No or select the Matter from the Matter column under the Invoices & Payments tab to open the Matter details.

  • In the right column of the invoice row under the Invoices tab select Edit from the kebab menu.

  • Or, navigate to the Accounting section and locate the invoice in the list under the Invoices & Payments tab and select Edit from the kebab menu in the right column.

  • The Invoice Details displays. Click Actions at the top right and select Write-off from the drop-down.


  • The Write-off modal displays.


    • Select the Write off remaining (Amount) checkbox.
    • Use the calendar controls to enter a date in the Write off Date field.
    • Enter a reason in the Write Off Reason field.
      As a best practice, always enter a reason to be displayed on the Write-Off Report.
    • Click Save to write off the remaining balance of the invoice.

  • You are returned to the Invoice Details. Click Save in the top menu.

  • The Invoice will be shown as paid and updated with a new subtotal line. Additionally, the write-off will be reflected on the Write-off Report.

  • Navigate to the Accounting section and select the Reports tab. Click the Accounting Reports filter or scroll down.

  • Click on Write-off Report to view a list of all your invoices that have a write-off loss. This report can be exported to an Excel file or printed to a PDF.


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