How do I apply a Retainer to Invoice(s)?

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Selecting Apply Trust/Retainer allows you to apply multiple payments from a specific bank account (that were entered in as new retainers) to multiple invoices from a specific matter.
  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and click + on the green action bar under the Invoices & Payments tab. Or, click + on the main menu bar to access the Quick Add menu.

  2. Select Apply Trust/Retainer.

  3. The Apply Retainer or Deposit to Invoice(s) modal displays. Select the applicable options. Based on your selection a list of the open invoices will be displayed.

  • Select a Date to apply the retainer money as payment to the invoice
  • Select the Matter that has the retainer recorded and invoices to be paid.
  • Select the Bank Account that has the recorded retainer money.
  • Select the operating bank account you would like the money to Transfer To now that it is earned and no longer required to be in trust. (only applies to trust retainers).
  • Select the Invoice(s) you would like to apply payments to and click Apply Funds.


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