Can my Clients pay their Invoices online?

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CARET Legal invoices can be paid with a credit card online through our integration with APX. In addition to securely sharing invoices via Caseway, you can also send your clients a link through our Bulk Billing Center that will allow them to directly access their open invoices without having to register or log in. This feature is available for Enterprise and EnterprisePlus users.

Direct Email

To email a Client a secure payment link:
  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and click on the  Invoices & Payments tab.SendAtt.png
  2. Click on the kebab menu to the right of an invoice and select Send as Attachment w/Link.

Bulk Billing Center

For the invoice to be eligible, the invoice send method must be set to Email PDF.
  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and click on the Invoices & Payments tab.

  2. Click Bulk Billing Center on the green action bar to display the corresponding modal.

    • Then select Email under Select Bulk Action.

  3. Click Next > to set your filters, then click Next > again to edit a Draft Message. You can include a code to have the Payment Link inserted in the email. Simply copy and paste it into the body.

  4. The system automatically generates a link that directs the Client to a page that displays only their open invoices.

  5. When the recipient clicks on the link, they are directed to a screen similar to the Caseway Portal that lists their open invoices separated by Matter if they have multiple open Matters.
Each link generated is unique to that client and should not be copied and pasted to other recipients unless that other recipient should have explicit access to those invoices.

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