How do I set up Primary Clients and Billing Contacts when configuring Bulk Billing?

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After configuring the DNS and your Firm Settings, the last step in configuring your firm for Bulk Billing is to set up your Primary Clients and Billing Contacts. 
  1. Navigate to your list of Matters and click on a Primary Client's name under the Contacts tab to display the Edit Person modal.

    • Ensure that a valid email is selected as the Billing Email before returning to your list of Matters.

      Contacts can have more than one Billing Email selected. The Bulk Billing center will blast invoices out to any emails marked as the "Billing Email."

  2. A Primary Client can be removed as the Billing Contact at the Matter level by clicking the kebab menu at the far right of the row and selecting Remove as Billing Contact.


    However, be sure that another Contact is listed as a Billing Contact.

  3. Click the menu at the far right of a Contact and select Edit Contact Role to display the corresponding modal.

    • Slide the toggle to the right to make this Contact a Billing Contact.

      You can mark any Matter related contacts as a Billing Contact. Any Contacts marked as a "Billing Contact" will be sent a copy of the invoice to any "Billing Email" addresses specified on their contact card.


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