How to record a New Retainer?

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An advanced client payment, retainer, or deposits to the Trust account should be entered as a New Trust/Retainer Payment. You can also create a retainer with a credit card via APX.
To record a New Retainer:
  1. Select the Accounting icon from the navigation bar to access the Accounting module, then click + on the green action bar.


  2. Select New Trust/Retainer Payment to display the New Retainer modal.

  3. Complete all required fields marked with a purple bar.
    • Enter or select a Date, Payer Type, From, Matter, Amount, Payment Method.
    • Enter or select a To Account. You can put this new retainer in any of your Bank Accounts.
      (Difference between Operating and Trust Retainers)
    • Enter a Note regarding the new retainer if you wish.

  4. Select Create Retainer to record the new retainer and return to the Accounting module.

  5. After you have invoiced your work for the Matter, you can apply the retainer to the client invoice(s).

    This option is also available in the Quick Add menu.                                                              

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