How do I bill Flat Fees?

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To bill Flat Fees create a Blank Invoice:

  1. Navigate to the Accounting section, then click + in the tab bar and select New Invoice from Scratch from the menu that appears.


  2. Click Add.png from the top menu bar and select New Invoice from Scratch under the
    Billing & Accounting section in the Quick Add menu.

  3. Enter or select the Matter you would like to create the invoice for from the drop-down list in the Matters field of the Invoice modal, then click Start Invoice.

  4. In the next screen the Matter, Issue Date and Due Date fields are auto-populated. You can edit these fields by selecting another option from the drop-down list and calendar controls.


  5. Click + to enter new Line Items in the Add Line Item modal. Select Service, Time or SoftCost from the drop-down list in the Type field.


  6. If you select Service or Time a Subtype field displays, which can be set up in Firm Settings.

  7. Click Save & Close to return to the Invoice screen or Save & New to continue to add more line items.

  8. When you have finished adding Line Items, click Create to save the invoice.

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