How do I apply Trusts Funds to Multiple Invoices at a Time?

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Use the Batch Application of Trust Funds feature in CARET Legal to apply the funds to more than one open invoice at at time. This feature allows you to choose a Source Account, transfer the funds to the Destination Account, while simultaneously using the funds to pay any open invoices that fall within the criteria established. 

To apply the Batch Application to Trust Funds:
  1. Navigate to the Accounting module, then click + from the action tab bar under the Invoices & Payments tab to display a menu.

  2. Click Apply Trust/Retainer Funds (Batch) under the Trust Transactions section.

  3. Click the Trust option then complete the other fields.
    • Enter or select a Source Account in the Apply From Account field
    • Enter or select a Destination Account in the Transfer to Account field.
    • Use the calendar controls to enter an Apply Date. This should match the date the funds were actually transferred on your bank end. 
    • You are given the option to set the Date Range of Invoices. This field uses the invoice date to narrow down which invoices should be paid. 
    • Enter or select an option from the drop-down menus in the  Practice Area and Responsible Attorney fields.
    • Choose whether you want to pay the Oldest Invoices First or the Newest Invoices First in the Apply to Invoices in this Order field.

  4. Click Apply & Close.
You will receive a confirmation email detailing how much funds were transferred for each Matter, as well as the Total Amount once funds have been applied.

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