How do I Apply a Partial Payment to an Invoice?

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If a client will be paying invoices in installments or pays one large amount for multiple invoices, you may need to apply a partial payment.
  1. Select Apply Direct Payment under the Billing & Accounting section in the Quick Add menu.


  2. Navigate to the Accounting section and click + in the action bar and select Apply Direct Payment under the Payments section.


  3. The Apply Payment to Invoices modal displays.


    • Complete the required fields indicated with a purple bar in the top section.
      • The Invoices appear in the bottom section for the Client and Matter selected.

  4. Check off the invoice(s) you would like to apply the payment to and change the Amount to Pay for the partial payment.

  5. Click one of the options to Apply the partial payments.
    • Apply & New - To apply the payments and open up a blank modal.
    • Apply & Print - To apply the payments and print a record.
    • Apply & Close - To apply the payments and return to the Accounting section.

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