How do I delete Invoices?

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Deleting an Invoice is dependent on what status the invoice is currently in, and the result of deletion will depend on how exactly you created the invoice.

Invoice Status

An invoice can be in Draft, Submit for Approval, Approved/Not Paid, Partially Paid, Paid, and Void. If Pre-bill is not enabled, there will only be Not Paid, Partially Paid, Paid, and Void statuses available.
If the invoice has passed the approval stage it can only be voided.
If the invoice has not passed the approval stage there are 2 ways it can be deleted:
  • Option 1 - From Invoice List
  1. Navigate to the Matters section and select a Matter No to open the Matters details, then click the Invoice tab.


  2. Navigate to the Accounting section and select the Invoices & Payments tab.

  3. Go to the right-hand side of an invoice, then click on the kebab icon More.png and select Delete from the drop-down list.

  • Option 2 - From within an Invoice
  1. Click on the Invoice No. to open it.

  2. Click on Actions in the top right and select Delete from the drop-down list.


Result of the deletion

  • Un-billed Activities
    • Items containing unbilled activity are re-added back to the unbilled activity page and others will be permanently deleted. Edits made to the unbilled activity will be lost.

    • Therefore, if you have created an invoice from unbilled activities which does not include all of the time entries and expenses it needs, you will need to delete the invoice, then create the invoice again and include them all.
  • Blank Invoice
    • All line items will be deleted.
Deleting a Matter does not automatically delete invoices. Check that invoices have been deleted beforehand before you delete a Matter.

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