What is the Flat Fee Productivity Report?

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The Flat Fee Productivity Report was designed to provide you with a breakdown of how much you have billed and collected for Flat Fee Services.

  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and click the Reports tab, then scroll down or select the Productivity Reports filter.


  2. Select the Flat Fee Productivity card to open the report.

    • Hours worked - Include hours for all users who entered time for this Matter.
    • Imputed Total - (Regular Hourly Rate multiplied by the Hours Worked) provides you with your “hourly rate” when you choose to bill on a Flat Fee Basis.
    • Difference - Equals Flat fees billed minus Imputed Total. This is the difference between billing on a flat fee basis versus an hourly basis. 

      If the Difference is above your Hourly Rate, then you made more money billing on a Flat Fee basis, as opposed to Time-based Only.

      If the number is below your Hourly Rate, then this means you would have made more money billing this Matter as a Time-Based Only.

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