How do I use the Referral Report in CARET Legal?

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CARET Legal gives you the option to link a Referral Source to each of your Matters
To keep track of revenue from specific Referral Sources:
  1. Navigate to the Matters section and click + on the action bar or use the Quick Add menu to open the New Matter dialog

  2. Enter or select a Referral Source from the drop-down list.


  3. Click a Matter No to open the Matter details and select the Options tab. Enter or select an option from the drop-down list in the Referral Source field.

    If the referral is not an existing contact, click + to create a new Contact.                                
  4.  After you begin Invoicing this Matter, navigate to the Accounting section and click the Reports tab.


  5. Select the Compensation Reports filter or scroll down and click Referral to generate a report with the Referral Source field auto-filled for this Matter.


The Referral Report will give you insight over time into how much revenue this referral has brought to your Firm by Billed and Realized amounts. 


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