How does CARET Legal handle Phone Calls that need to be returned?

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Phone Calls that need to be returned are considered to be a Task in CARET Legal.

A classic example would be an instance when the lawyer is unavailable when the phone call comes in so the Administrative Assistant or Paralegal takes down the caller's information and message so that the lawyer can return their call. 

The CARET Legal method

The message or reminder to get back to the caller would be recorded by the Administrative Assistant as a Task assigned to the lawyer with the message in the Description field.

The Administrative Assistant would also be able to set reminders for the lawyer and alerts for himself/herself to follow up. When the call is returned the lawyer is able to record his/her phone call as a communications entry to that matter.

Select New Task from the Quick Add menu or navigate to the Tasks section and click + in the action bar to display the New Task modal. 

Ensure that the Phone Call option is selected below the Description when creating a phone call related Task.


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