How do I Email Blast Invoices?

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Before you continue make sure that the batch invoicing setup has been completed.
  1. Please make sure that the billing preference for either the primary client's contact or the Matter option is set to Email PDF.

    1. Matter:

    2. Contact:

      *If the client preference is set to "Email PDF" on the Contact level, that will carry over to new matters where that contact is the primary client. It will not automatically update existing matters.
  2. Navigate to the Invoices & Payments tab in the Accounting section and click on "Bulk Billing Center" or click + in the action bar and select "Bulk Billing Center" from the menu.

  3. In the Bulk Billing Center modal select a date range for the invoices you wish to send from the drop-down list in the Select Date Range field.

    Set any filters:

    View a list of invoices to be sent as part of the selected filters along with the matter and recipient:

    Customize the subject and body of the email to be sent out:

  4. Select Blast & Close.

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