What is CARET Legal's WIP/AR Trust Report?

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The WIP/AR Trust Report in CARET Legal provides a summary of Un-billed fees, Expenses, AR, and Unused Trust and Operating funds by Matter. 
It is an extremely comprehensive and useful when allocating funds from Trust or an Operating Retainer. It also serves as an excellent tool to get a detailed look at each of your Matters from a financial perspective.

To view the WIP/AR Trust Report:
  1. Navigate to the Accounting section, click on the Reports tab, then scroll down or select the
    Trust Reports filter.

  2. Click WIP-AR-Trust Report to open up the report. You can filter by Responsible, Originating or Billing Attorney, Client, Practice Area, Location and/or Matter Status.

    • A breakdown of Expenses, Time, and if there is a Prebill or Draft Bill on the Matter you are looking at is provided.

This is a very helpful report to consult before making batch Trust Transfers or sending out Invoices/Statements of Account.

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