How to integrate Quickbooks Online with CARET Legal?

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With the CARET Legal and QuickBooks integration your approved CARET Legal invoices are forwarded over to your QuickBooks Online account. This eliminates any need to re-enter billing information into QuickBooks, making you much more efficient!
When a New Client that is not present in QuickBooks Online is billed in CARET Legal, the new Contact is created. Approved invoices will be sent to your QuickBooks Online account. Edited and Deleted Invoices will be synced as well.

How to Connect your QuickBooks Online Account

To connect your QuickBooks Online Account:

  1. Select Firm Settings from the drop-down menu beside your avatar.

  2. Click on Billing & Accounting in the left navigation bar and select QuickBooks Integration (Optional) from the expanded menu.


  3. Select Connect to QuickBooks.


  4. Use your Intuit Account and Password to sign in to QuickBooks.


  5. Click Connect. After authenticating, you will be prompted to map your CARET Legal transactions to a QuickBooks Product/Service. The mapping is based on your Quickbooks folder names.

  6. Click SYNC to confirm changes.

Now, any created invoices that are approved will be sent to your QuickBooks Online account!

Any additional Accounting Information including invoice payments will not sync with QuickBooks Online. Any new/edited records on QuickBooks will not be reflected in CARET Legal.

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