What is the AR Aging Summary Used For?

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 The AR Aging Summary report provides a total amount of unpaid invoices grouped by Client, Matter, and various levels of delinquency.


To access this report:

  1. Navigate to the Accounting section, then click the Reports tab. Select the Client Reports filter and click AR Aging Summary.

  2. This report can be filtered by Client, Matter, Responsible, Originating or Billing Attorney, Matter Status, and Location

  3. You can also use the icons in the top right to export it to a PDF or CSV file 

The search criteria also allows you to filter by clients/matters whose AR is older than a certain amount of days or greater than a specific dollar amount. Totals will be calculated for each client, as well as each level of delinquency.



This report gives you the option to Show breakdown by Fees and Expenses. This allows you to see how much of the outstanding AR is composed of Fees, Hard costs, Soft costs, and Taxes respectively.






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