How do I edit an Existing Task?

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To edit an existing task in CARET Legal:
  1. Navigate to the Tasks section, then click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of a Task.

  2. The Edit Task modal displays.

    • Edit the Task as you wish.
      • The only required field is the Task Subject indicated with a purple bar.
      • Add a Description, Tags, Due Date, Matter/Lead, Status or color-code your Tasks.
      • You can also Add a reminder.
      • Attach documents under the Attach CARET Legal Doc tab.
      • Select Recurrence under the Recurring tab to make the Task a recurring event.
      • Select a Template for the Task or Add Subtasks under the Sub-tasks/Task Templates tab.

  3. Click Update.

You are returned to the Tasks section. The Task now includes the latest changes.


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