How do I share Invoices with My Clients through CARET Legal?

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Invoices can be shared within CARET Legal by sending them as Attachments
or Share via Caseway.


To share your Invoices as Attachments:

  1. Click the Accounting icon to access your Accounting module.

  2. Under the Invoices & Payments tab, click the kebab More.png icon in the far right column of an Invoice and select Send as Attachment or Send as Attachment w / Link to send an Email with a link to pay the invoice.


    Select multiple checkboxes in the first column to display the Multi-Select Options menu and click Send as Attachments from the menu.



  3. The Email modal displays with the Invoice(s) attached and a Click here to pay link if appropriate.


    Note: The Click here to pay link does not require the Client to register or log in as they would for Caseway.
    Enter or select a recipient(s) from the drop-down list in the To field. Enter a Subject line and your message in the main part of the screen.

  4. Choose to save the email with the invoice attached as a Draft, Send Registered or Send regularly.

Share via Caseway

To share your Invoices via Caseway:

  1. Under the Invoices & Payments tab, click the kebab More.png icon in the far right column of an Invoice and select Share via Portal.


  2. The first screen of the Share Invoice wizard displays.

  3. Enter or select a client from the drop-down list in the Contacts field. After entering a name you can add them as a contact in CARET Legal.

  4. Click NEXT to display a screen with a Phone Number and Email fields. These fields are auto populated if they are available for the Contact within CARET Legal. If not, enter them manually.

  5. Click SHARE.

    • If the Contact does not have a Caseway account yet they will receive an invitation.

  • If the Contact already has a Caseway account they will get a notification that an invoice has been shared with them.


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