How can I see which Fees were Collected?

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You can pull a report which shows a full list of all professional fees and expenses that have been collected for a specific Matter or CARET Legal User.

To access this report:
  1. Click the Accounting icon in the navigation bar and select the Reports tab. Filter or scroll down to your Compensation Reports.

    Fee Allocation.png

  2. Click Fee Allocation Report and filter the report using any of the following criteria:
    • Bank Account
    • Date
    • Responsible Attorney
    • Originating Attorney
    • Billing Attorney
    • Location
    • Practice Area
    • Client


The Fee Allocation report will give you a detailed breakdown of each client payment applied to any invoices, along with how much was allocated to each timekeeper, expenses, tax and interest line items on that invoice.


Once you have specified the parameters of your search, you can export this report to a PDF and print it using the print icon on the green tool bar.
If you are looking for a summary, rather than a detailed breakdown of specific payments, you can also look to the Billing and Collected Report.

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