What Reports does CARET Legal Offer?

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Are you looking to run reports based on the information you have entered into CARET Legal?
Then navigate to the Accounting section and click on the Reports tab.
Select a filter at the top of the screen or scroll down to the report you want to run.


Client Reports

  • AR Aging Summary - The total amount of unpaid invoices grouped by Client, Matter, are various levels of delinquency.
  • Statement of Account - List of invoices and payments for a particular Client or Matter.
  • Sales Tax - Shows information about sales tax amounts collected for a particular duration.
  • Client Payments - A listing of all payments from Clients.
  • Matter Rate Card - List of all Matters along with the Rate Cards assigned to them.
  • Total Billing - Total Fees and Expenses billed by Matter.

Compensation Reports

  • Referral - Realized and unrealized revenues from Matters introduced by specific referral sources.
  • Originating Attorney - Realized and unrealized revenues from Matters, grouped by Originating Attorney.
  • Split Compensation - Detailed view of fees split by Matter Origination/Responsible rates.
  • Fee Allocation  - Detailed view of fees, soft costs and hard costs that have been collected by Matter and User.
  • Split Payout - Payout amounts grouped by Matter and Users.

Productivity Reports

  • Work In Progress - Summary of un-billed fees and disbursements.
  • Timekeeper Productivity - Review billable hours and realization rate by Timekeeper.
  • Flat Fee Productivity - Review hours worked and collections for Flat Fee Matters.
  • Billable Hours Recap -  Daily, Weekly and Monthly view of Billable and Non-Billable Time Entries by Timekeeper.
  • Billed and Collected - Billed and Collected fees grouped by User, Practice Area or Location.
  • Timekeeper Goals - Track Timekeeper goals for time and amounts billed.
  • Effective Rates - A listing of hours worked, fees collected and their effective rate.

Accounting Reports

  • General Ledger - A complete record of transactions, grouped by accounts.
  • Profit & Loss - Also known as an Income Statement, shows your total income and expenses over a period of time.
  • Profit & Loss by Location - View Profit & Loss segmented by Location.
  • Balance Sheet - A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital at a particular point in time.
  • Trial Balance - A listing of the last balances for each account as of a particular date.
  • Chart of Accounts - A listing of all accounts used in the general ledger.
  • Account Reconciliation - A listing of all reconciliations.
  • Write-Off - A listing of all write-offs.
  • Firm Budgeting - A listing of current and previous budget amounts.

Trust Reports

  • Three-way Reconciliation - Confirm that your bank balance, book balance and the sum of trust balances are in check.
  • Trust Account Ledger Summary - Listing of all trust balances within each trust bank account.
  • WIP-AR-Trust - Summary of un-billed Fees, Expenses, AR, unused Trust and Operating Retainers by Matter.

Vendor Reports

  • AP Aging Summary - Outstanding payments to vendors grouped by aging period.
  • Vendor Payments - Listing of payment totals made to Vendors and Contacts.
  • Vendor Reimbursement - Listing of unpaid Vendor Bill Expenses that have been marked as billable.
  • 1099 Reporting - Generate 1099-MISC and/or 1099-NEC documents for 1099-Required Vendors.

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