How do I Apply a Retainer to a Split Billing Matter?

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When using split billing, CARET Legal creates sub-matters, or child matters, for each party that is responsible for a percentage of the billed amount.
The parent matter will display all the associated information for that Matter, however the AR Balances will be assigned to each child matter for the respective primary client. Each time invoices are generated, a separate invoice is created for the respective child matter based on the percentages set in the Split-Billing Tab. The parent matter will never have it's own AR balance.
When using retainers, the retainers should be assigned to the child matter, not the parent matter.                    
The Matter Numbers appear differently based on your Matter Numbering format. When creating the retainers, you would select the Matter Number that matches the child matter, not the parent matter.
If you deposit the retainer to the parent matter, there will be no invoice available to apply those funds to since the balance is associated with the child matter.        

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