How do I use the Timers?

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Timers in CARET Legal were built with busy lawyers in mind. You can have more than one Timer for a Matter. When you start a new Timer, it will default to the last Matter you entered.

  1. To start a Timer, click the right arrow to open the collapsible screen.

  2. Select the Matter you wish to work on, then click the Play icon to start the Timer.

  3. The Timer will keep running while you move about in CARET Legal until you click the Pause icon or click the Checkmark icon to save it. To cancel the Timer select the X icon.

  4. The New Time Entry modal displays when you click the Checkmark icon to save it.

    • Some of the required fields are auto-populated by CARET Legal.
    • Enter or select a Work Type from the drop-down list.
    • Select a No Charge checkbox, if applicable.
    • Enter a Description in the textbox provided.
    • Enter a Rate.

  5. Click Save & Close or Save & New to enter a New Time Entry.

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