How do I refund a direct payment to an invoice (non APX)?

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There may be different situations where you need to issue a refund to a client who has submitted a payment.


The process is different depending on what the payment was for and how it was paid.


If you are processing a refund for a payment made to an operating or a trust retainer, click here.

To refund a payment made to an invoice that was processed using APX, click here.


If a client submitted payment for an invoice using the payment method cash, check, credit card (non APX), or wire transfer the payment should be deleted either directly from the invoice or from the matter payments tab.




Removing the payment from the invoice will remove the allocation and open the AR balance back up.


If you wish to record the deposit to your register for bookkeeping purposes, you can manually create the activity using journal entries.


If you wish to show this on the matter level, we recommend re-entering the payment as an operating retainer. The operating retainer will debit the Operating account and debit the Retainer account, bypassing any application to the invoice.


The operating retainer can then be refunded using the Refund Operating Retainer option.


The deposit and refund will be recorded on the Matter Ledger as well as on the Operating account register.


If you wish to print a check to provide the client with the refund, the check can be printed directly from the Register.

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