How to Activate APX Surcharge to Client Payments

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CARET Legal supports the ability to share credit card processing fees with the card holder. Surcharge can be set for all new clients by default, on a matter-by-matter basis, or by contact. If Surcharge is on for a matter, any invoices/retainer requests for that matter will add a surcharge fee to the invoice/retainer requests if the card holder pays using a credit card.

NOTE: Customers must make sure they are abiding by state and their bar association rules when turning on surcharge for a matter.

Turning on Surcharge for the firm

  1. Go to Firm Settings > Billing & Accounting > CARET Payments Integration > Surcharge tab
  2. Click on the control toggle to enable surcharge.
    • This toggle will turn on surcharge for new matters created after this option is turned on.  Existing matters are not affected with this option. To turn-on surcharge for individual existing matters see Matter Options.
  3. The manage surcharge button will show a list of matters and their surcharge state, on or off.

NOTE: When first turning on surcharging, your account will require additional registration handled by our APX Team.

Enabling Surcharge for your clients 

  1. From Contacts > Billing tab: This setting allows you to change the surcharge setting for all matters with the contact as a primary client.

    • This will not retroactively their existing matters. Please use one of the next two steps to make sure their matters are updated.

  2. Matter details > Options: You can change the surcharge setting for a specific matter in the matter options tab and scrolling to the billing options. Be sure to click 'Update' at the very bottom to ensure your settings are saved!

  3. Matterscapes: The surcharge setting can also be updated in the Matter list using Perform Bulk Actions.


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