What is the difference between “Work Categories/Type” and “Services”?

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Work Categories/Types are mainly used for hourly billing, while Services are for a flat fee service.

Work Categories/Types

Select the type of work or task you are billing hourly for under the Work Type field.

  • For instance, separate work categories might be created for Meeting, Drafting, Discovery, Court Appearances and even Phone Call with Client.

  • The time-keeping feature allows you to have the option to associate the time-entry with a Matter and include a Work Category, helping you to stay organized. This time entry is placed in Unbilled Time within the Time section where you can easily generate a new invoice for the work completed.


Flat-fee work is selected under the Service Type field.

  1. For example, you might have a basic estate planning package that you offer to clients for a flat fee of $2500.
  2. You might also assist clients with uncontested divorces for a fee of $3000.

In these cases, you would simply create a separate service for each.

  • To bill for these services, you can either create the Flat Fee as a billable line item from the Time section and bill it with your other Matters.
  • Or, create a new invoice from scratch under the Invoices & Payments tab in the
    Accounting module.

    Work Categories and Flat-Fee/Service Descriptions can be created under Firm Settings within the Billing & Accounting section.

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