How do I create a Retainer Request in CARET Legal?

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If you need to request funds from your client for a retainer, we recommend creating a Retainer Request using CARET Legal's Document Automation. This can also be done to create Retainer Replenishment requests.
To create a Retainer Request:
  1. Open a thoroughly populated Matter to see the details. Click the Documents tab, then click the Document Templates tab to begin Document Automation

  2. Next, ensure that Merge Fields  is enabled to create your template. 

  3. Once your template has been created, click Generate Merged Document and save it to the Matter as a CARET Legal Document to send to your client!

Note: If sending the Retainer Request through Caseway, the APX "Pay Now" option will not be available as this is only able to be used with Invoices. We do not recommend Invoicing Retainers as it can impact your Profit and Loss. 

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