When is the Statement of Account Used?

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Statements of Account are used to provide a list of invoices and payments by a particular client or matter. They can be sent to clients who have outstanding balances, but no new invoices within the current billing period. These statements can be printed and/or blasted via the Bulk Billing Center.


To generate a Statement of Account by client or matter:

  1. Navigate to the Accounting section and select the Reports tab, then click on the Client Reports filter and select Statement of Account to display the fields for the report.

  2. First, you will need to select the Client, as this is a required field.

  3. If your client has multiple matters and you only want the activity for one specific matter to be pulled onto the statement, then select that matter from the Select Matter dropdown. For a complete list of invoices and payments for all matters, simply leave this field blank.

  4. You can then select a specific date range if you choose. The checkbox allows you to exclude paid invoices from the statement. To provide a complete history, leave this box unchecked.

  5. Click the printer icon on the action bar to export this report to a PDF.





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