What is the Account Reconciliation Report?

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The Account Reconciliation Report is used to ensure that both your CARET Legal Register and your bank account and credit card transactions are in agreement.

To start the reconciliation:
  1. Click the Accounting icon in the navigation bar, then select the Reports tab, click Accounting Reports under the tab bar or scroll down.

  2. Click the Account Reconciliation card, then click + on the top right of the tab bar to open the Start Reconciliation modal.

  3. Select the Account to Reconcile from the dropdown menu and enter the Ending Balance and Ending Date. The Starting Balance populates automatically using your last reconciliation's ending balance.

  4. Click Begin... to display the Reconciliation window.

    • Complete the fields:
      • Specify the date range of transactions you are going to reconcile in the From and To fields.
      • Check off anything that has been cleared or will be cleared (within your specified date range) on the bank end.
      • If everything is properly recorded in CARET Legal, your CARET Legal books and your bank account should be in agreement, giving you a $0 difference.

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