How do I make a Time Entry for my Task?

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In CARET Legal you have the ability to easily create a Time Entry for any completed Task.
To create a Time Entry for a Task:
  1. Navigate to your lists of Tasks by clicking the Tasks icon on the navigation bar or scrolling down on your Dashboard.

  2. Find the Task you want to create a Time Entry for and click the kebab icon on the right.


  3. Select Create Time Entry from the drop-down list to display the New Time Entry modal.


    Complete the fields:
    • Enter or select a Matter from the drop-down list.
    • Use the calendar controls to enter a Date.
    • Enter a time or accept the default in the Duration field. Select either the No Charge or No Charge, Don't Show checkbox.
    • Enter or select a Work Type.
    • Enter a description in the Narrative field.
    • Enter or select a Time Keeper from the drop-down list or accept the default.
    • Enter a Rate.

  4. Select Save & Close or Save & New to create another Time Entry.


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