How to view my CARET Legal Calendar on my iPhone?

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While CARET Legal provides a 2 way sync with Office365 and Google Calendars, you may want to view your Events scheduled in CARET Legal on other Calendars. This gives you the ability to share your CARET Legal Calendar using a 1 way sync URL, where Events scheduled in CARET Legal show up in an external Calendar such as an Outlook Calendar or mobile calendar.
We suggest using the CARET Legal iOS app but, If you wish to push your CARET Legal Events to your iOS Calendar, use the following instructions:
  1. Copy the Calendar HTTPS URL from CARET Legal.

  2. Send that URL to your phone via email or text message.

  3. From your iPhone:

    • Go to Settings Calendars Accounts Add Account
    • Select Other Add Subscribed Calendar
    • Paste the HTTPS URL into the Server field
    • Select Next. You can create a name for this Calendar or fill out the other optional fields, then select Done.

  4. You can now view your CARET Legal Calendar Events on your iPhone Calendar.

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