How do I resend the Caseway Invitation and Security Code to a Client?

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The first time a Document or Invoice is shared with a Client, they will be sent an invitation to register for Caseway, along with a security code via text message. If the Client does not receive or loses the Email or Text message, you can easily resend it at any time.
To resend the Caseway security code and invitation email to a Client:
  1. Select the User icon to the right of the first shared Document or Invoice, and click the option to Resend.

  2. The Users Shared modal displays:
  3. After you click RESEND a Share Document via Caseway modal displays where you will be given the option to change the PHONE NO. and EMAIL, then click SHARE.

  4. The client will then receive another text message with the 4-digit pin, as well as a new email with the link to register their Caseway account. 
This is a one time registration, so after creating their own Username and Password, the client can utilize Caseway anytime.

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